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Whilst the commission agreed that the cures claimed by Mesmer were indeed cures [ citation needed ] , it also concluded there was no evidence of the existence of his "magnetic fluid", and that its effects derived from either the imaginations of its subjects or charlatanry . [ citation needed ]

Paula longed for the love and affectrion of her father, but she never received it. Instead Paula drifted through life looking to fill the void in a variety of destructive ways.

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INTRODUCTION ARGUMENT PROLOGUE (Beginning of Book) BOOK I Wherein is described the nature of dark night and how necessary it is to pass through it to Divine union; and in particular this book describes the dark night of sense, and desire, and the evils which these work in the soul. CHAPTER I  Sets down the first stanza. Describes two different nights through which spiritual persons pass, according to the two parts of man, the lower and the higher. Expounds the stanza which follows. CHAPTER II  Explains the nature of this dark night through which the soul says that it has passed on the road to union. CHAPTER III Speaks of the first cause of this night, which is that of the privation of the desire in all things, and gives the reason for which it is called night. CHAPTER IV Wherein is declared how necessary it is for the soul truly to pass through this dark night of sense, which is mortification of desire, in order that it may journey to union with God. CHAPTER V Wherein the aforementioned subject is treated and continued, and it is shown by passages and figures from Holy Scripture how necessary it is for the soul to journey to God through this dark night of the mortification of desire in all things. CHAPTER VI Wherein are treated two serious evils caused in the soul by the desires, the one evil being privative and the other positive. CHAPTER VII Wherein is shown how the desires torment the soul. This is proved likewise by comparisons and quotations. CHAPTER VIII Wherein is shown how the desires darken and blind the soul. CHAPTER IX Wherein is described how the desires defile the soul. This is proved by comparisons and quotations from Holy Scripture. CHAPTER X Wherein is described how the desires weaken the soul in virtue and make it lukewarm. CHAPTER XI Wherein it is proved necessary that the soul that would attain to Divine union should be free from desires, however slight they be. CHAPTER XII Which treats of the answer to another question, explaining what the desires are that suffice to cause the evils aforementioned in the soul. CHAPTER XIII Wherein is described the manner and way which the soul must follow in order to enter this night of sense. CHAPTER XIV Wherein is expounded the second line of the stanza CHAPTER XV Wherein are expounded the remaining lines of the aforementioned stanza.

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